Thai Tailor House was completely moved to BOB Collection, Karon Beach (opposite Karon Roundabout) in February 2015.

At BOB Collection in Karon Beach, Phuket, we are proud of supplying you with the finest tailored clothes at reasonable prices!

How it all started

A family with long-standing traditions of tailoring was the basis for us back in 1995 where we opened the first shop in Patong. Later we moved to Karon Beach for 7 years and Kata Beach for 4 years but we found out that Karon was the best place to be for the future. From 2012 we began visiting Europe to take measurements for our new clients recommended by our regular customers.

Our philosophy

We are not out on the street and cater to people with a "Hello Big Boss", or trying to shake hands with a "Hello my friend, how are you" and the like. Instead, we let the customers come to us where we in an objective, friendly and courteous manner have a dialogue with each customer. Our most important task is to make only the clothes to the customer, which he actually needs and at an attractive price without compromising on quality. The customer must also be happy with his clothes after he has returned home. The many returning customers that we have shows that we have succeeded for us to meet our objective.


The clothes

Inspired by well-known clothing brands such as Amani and Hugo Boss we make clothes based on the finest fabrics and silk. Our seamstresses and tailors have years of experience and know that we place high demands on the craft.

Visit us

In our shop, we can show a wide range of fabrics and silk and ready-made clothes. We also have several large catalogs of clothing for women and men, so it's quite easy to be inspired and get ideas. We can arrange transport, or we can even come out to you with a selection of samples.